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Car Wrapping

Here at Vinyl Destination Graphics we specialise in car wrapping and pride ourselves in using a combination of the best products on the market. We are trained and experienced vehicle wrappers based in Barnsley South Yorkshire. Whether you want a personal car wrap or commercial wrap we are always happy to help and guide you every step of the way. Being a leading specialist in this industry we have a large variety of colours to choose from. Samples and colour swatches are available to view when you come to visit us.

We offer a range of bespoke services alongside car wrapping such as car roof wraps, wing mirrors, bumpers and smaller bits like dechroming. We have wrapped golf karts, kitchens, buildings, trucks and even motorbikes. Honestly, we can wrap just about anything. Contact us if you want to discuss turning your ideas into a reality at Vinyl Destination. 

Types of vinyl we use for car wrapping 


This wrap comes with a glossy classic finish. This is quite like the original paintwork of the vehicle and has a smooth finish and texture. Glossy wraps are widely available in a range of colour. Some come with a metallic flake making it more of a metallic finish. This style wraps make your vehicles more stylish and beautiful. We have a wide variety of different colours that can be seen in house.


As the name indicates this wrap provides a matte finish to your vehicle. This wrap is classic and can give your vehicle a luxury look. Like gloss wraps, matte wraps are also available in a wide range of colours. Matte wraps are ideally suited for modern commercial vehicles. They are highly cost effective, and they provide long lasting performance.


Satin wraps are not quite matt not quite gloss also known as semi-gloss. These wraps are preferred by modern car owners. The glossiness of this wrap is more matte and less than a glossy wrap. As a result, it reflects a small amount of sunlight. Satin vehicle wraps provide a professional look to your car. The sleek design of this wrap is unique. If you want a combination of matte and gloss a satin vehicle wrap is a perfect option to choose.

Brands we use for car wrapping

Using a range of materials from different manufacturers means we can always offer the best possible option to our customers. Below is a list of the main brands we use for car wrapping, custom vehicle liveries and commercial vehicle sign writing.

3MOracalAvery DennisonHexisKPMFMactacMetamark

Lets make your ideas become a reality, contact us to find out how.


What are the pros and Cons of having your vehicle wrapped? 

A question we often hear is; should you wrap your car?  

Honestly, it depends on what you’re looking for and how much of a stamp you want to put on your vehicle.

Here are some of the pros and cons to consider.  

Take a moment to read some of the main pros and cons related to wrapping your car to help you decide.


  • A Fresh Look for your car – colour, texture or design; you can give your car a complete revamp with the right wrapping.  
  • Cheaper than other customisation options – respraying a car comes at a cost, so wrapping could be a more affordable option for those looking to customise on a budget. 
  • Protect your paintwork – given that wrapping is treated with a UV and scratch-protective coating, the vinyl can help protect the paintwork from wear, tear and sun damage. 
  • Advertise – If you have a business, wrapping is a great, low-cost way to showcase your brand on the move, without an expensive respray. 
  • Less permanent than a respray – if you are concerned that customising your car could affect its resale value, remember that wraps can be professionally removed, so you can restore everything to its original condition. 


  • Difficult to apply – if you decide to apply a car wrap yourself, you need to take a patient approach and have all the right tools to hand before you start. Poorly fitted car wraps really do look terrible, and you risk wasting money if you get it wrong. 
  • Risk of rust – reiterating the point above – when wraps are badly fitted, there’s a risk that moisture will get under the vinyl. If this happens, rust spots are likely to appear on the paintwork, as there’s nowhere for the water to escape. 
  • Cheap wrapping doesn’t age well – if you go for a cheap wrapping service, don’t expect the vinyl to last very long. Either the colour will start fading or it will fray at the corners, requiring a replacement. 
  • Insurance issues – because car wrapping is classed as customising, you’ll need to inform your insurer if you have it fitted. Depending on the firm, this could affect the price you pay for cover. 
  • Resale value – if you don’t (or can’t) remove the wrap, there’s a chance your car’s resale value could take a hit. There’s a smaller market for cars wrapped in bright colours and patterns, so this might affect the price you get. 

If you have any questions or want to discuss your project with us we are always here to help. Why not take the next step and contact us today.


Carbon bonnet wrap

Car wrap, black bonnet and roof

 Bassaholics sound car, custom car wrapping and livery.


Car wrapping and sound systems

Custom roof wrap

Car wrapping, half wrap

Car wrapping by Vinyl Destination

Car wrap and livery by Vinyl Destination

Car wrap and livery

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