The Vinyl Destination story

3 Years ago, we started the Vinyl Destination just making vinyl stickers for friends. We started small, doing the odd jobs here and there learning as we went. Feedback off friends was that we had a good talent for it. The time came to take the next step and from there we grew very quickly. Wanting to take things further, we decided to expand our skill set and tried wrapping our own cars. With positive feedback from that we decided after lockdown to quit our day jobs and do this full time.  

The first year we worked at home in our garage doing the odd roof wrap, wing mirror wrap and other wrapping jobs. We did lots of sun strips and stickers as well as some liveries. A few months later we decided to do a wrapping course to expand our skill set and started wrapping more cars. Eventually we needed to expand, and we took on a unit at Beevor Street industrial estate in Barnsley and the rest is history.  

Vinyl Destination Graphics Ltd. was built from the ground up. With a lot of hours, determination (blood, sweat and tears) and great passion we are now one of the leading destinations for vehicle wrapping.

We are deeply passionate about the work we do. Each job we do is still as if it was our own cars. We spend time getting to know each customer, regardless of who they are and where they are from. All customers get 100% of our attention. That way we can understand and take in the dream that they have for their vehicle. Then we put it into practise and make it a reality.  

Learn more about what we do and how Vinyl Destination can help make dreams become a reality or contact us.

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