First of all, what is dechroming, also known as a chrome delete?

Dechroming is a process of using specific vinyl and specialism in wrapping the chrome trims, chrome window belts, bumper chrome strips, light surrounds, door handles just to name a few in a very popular gloss black, or any Colour of your choice. Manufacturers of vehicles charge a substantial amount to upgrade your vehicle with what they call a black pack which ranges from as much as £1500 to supply and install. The reason a lot of our customers choose to have a chrome delete is to make the car look sportier or just because chrome can be very outdated on vehicles. Some customers have even asked us to even wrap their black packs fitted by manufacturers because, over a period when they have been washed poorly using hash chemicals such as TFR, they get discoloured.

Some people have had the chrome painted and in a very short space of time, the paint starts to chip and peel off.

Why do our customers choose to have a chrome delete using a vinyl wrap?

Well, it’s simple; it’s an effective way to delete the chrome on your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a black pack, and it is long-lasting. The material we use can last up to 10 years on the vehicle. Other benefits of dechroming include protection of your chrome, preventing potential damage to them, it can reduce the head of door handles in the summer months, and it is a great way to customize the appearance of your vehicle making it unique to you.

  • Mercedes AMG C63 AMG
  • Dechromed door handles, Mercedes AMG C63
  • Dechroming around window on Mercedes C63 AMG
  • Gloss black wing mirror Mercedes AMG C63
  • Dechroming Mercedes AMG C63

We as a company are so confident in the quality of our work; we give a year’s warranty with every dechrome we do. It is our mission to provide the best quality of service to every customer.

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